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About the Founder
Tony Deblauwe is an accomplished Human Resources professional with a demonstrated track record of coaching individuals and corporations to success. Tony started HR4Change from his personal directive to get more out of the HR function. He believes that HR is an umbrella term covering many aspects of people and process related matters, and instrumental in fostering sustainable change. Tony’s approach to creating a positive, results-driven workplace is by finding opportunities for mutually beneficial outcomes for the individual as well as the company.
What we offer
HR4Change is an information and services resource for individual and business productivity. Our open community approach provides a platform for experts and individuals to discuss trends, share experiences, and provide solutions regarding workplace issues. Our professional network of providers offers specialized programs for personal coaching, corporate development, and business growth solutions.
Who we are
At HR4Change we believe that Human Resources is more than a function – it is the basis for building a union between talent and process to achieve business results. Looking beyond a box, bottom line, or fad, it's people feeling excited about what they are doing that creates sustainable change in the workplace. To foster this message, HR4Change focuses on three underlying themes in how we provide information and work with our partners: People. Passion. Transformation.
The key ingredient to any successful business is people. Without the right people in the right roles, a company’s productivity, brand, and competitive advantage suffer. Balancing the needs of the individual with business requirements offers the best scenario for talent to grow and thrive.
Motivation is at the heart of momentum. When people work in a job or environment that is stale or uninspired, creativity and productivity are threatened. People need to believe that their contribution makes a difference and is valued by the business. Passion is fostered by many things—vision, products, leaders, and culture. Passion is the buzz that surrounds people who are excited by what they are doing and are able to see the potential for what’s ahead.
When a company’s cultural rhythm is in alignment, people strive to go beyond the norm, test barriers, and break roadblocks to deliver fantastic results. Such focus and determination transcends financial rewards or ego. A dynamic organization emerges when people are sincerely and authentically engaged in the success of the operation.
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Tony Deblauwe, Founder
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