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Tangling with Tyrants ® : Mananging the Balance of Power at Work
By Tony Deblauwe
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About the Book
Do you dread going to work because of a difficult and demanding boss? Most of us have felt the stress and frustration caused by reporting to a dysfunctional boss. Quitting is not always an option and feeling like a victim of a bad boss only robs you of productivity, job satisfaction, and—ultimately—power.
Career coach Tony Deblauwe has spent years coaching weary employees in how to manage a difficult boss, and he has compiled his experiences into this indispensable guide. Tangling with Tyrants®: Managing the Balance of Power at Work offers practical techniques that show you how to build a process that turns things around and build successful outcomes, including guidance on
Addressing direct and indirect bad boss behaviors
Developing the right approach with your boss
Achieving mutually beneficial outcomes
You shouldn’t have to suffer with a Tyrant boss. By applying the techniques in this book, you will be equipped with the right tools to handle your boss and create the results you want.
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“The first step to overcoming conflicts with management in the workplace is realizing there are options available. Tangling with Tyrants succeeds by providing new approaches and realistic outcomes.”
Tim Penick, President, Embedded Resource Group
“We have all worked for or dealt with ‘Tyrants’ in our work life. This book provides a framework for assessing the dynamics of the working relationship, and provides methods to deal with the situation.”
David W. Harradine, Vice President, ZeroChaos
“Anyone fortunate enough to read the book should take the message to heart. Changing the way in which executives and managers relate to people in their organizations is the key to increased efficiencies, agility, and profitability.”
John Anderson, Principal, Glowan Consulting Group
Author of Running the Corporate Rapids
Tangling with Tyrants ®: Taming the Tyrant. A Toolkit for Reclaiming your Power at Work
By Tony Deblauwe
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In the second installment of the series, Tangling with Tyrants®: Taming the Tyrant: A Toolkit for Reclaiming your Power at Work, goes further by using personal development exercises and ratings of management behaviors to provide you with the advanced tools you need to instantly build a results-oriented communication plan with your boss. You will explore various aspects of your communication style, as well as analyze your boss across eight critical management behaviors. The workbook is hands-on and engaging, and allows you to outline a solid strategy and long-term solution for dealing with any difficult boss.
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